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January 8, 2016

Have you ever tried writing a song/working out an idea with your band in a science lab?  How about defining a great guitar solo in the middle of an arts and crafts store?  These are really crazy ideas, and it it might seem ridiculous that I even pose this question, but the point is this:  If you would not choose to be creative in places such as these, why would you want to be creative in a negative environment?

If you have ever been to Soundcheck, one of the first things you will notice is how clean it is and the extra effort we go through to make the VIBE RIGHT.  Vibe is very important to musical creativity, and it is proven that positive environments are responsible for all kinds of breakthroughs in the world.

I read an article recently on how some of the most productive entrepreneurs/musicians/creatives in the world CONSTANTLY rearrange furniture in their offices to make the VIBE RIGHT for creativity.  Why would you want to suffer a bad vibe for your music?

If you need some good vibes at your rehearsal studio, you should seriously consider renting from us.  Give us a call at (713) 396-2473.  You can also visit us on the web at!

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