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November 2, 2015

A common issue amongst bands that we have come across is that it gets "too hot" in their studios.  Granted, the average rehearsal studio does not even really use A/C, but at Soundcheck, we have the finest cooling equipment on the planet to keep your gear, and your creative energy, safe.

With that being said, often we get the question of the temperature your gear should be kept to remain safe.  Ironically, keeping a rehearsal studio cold all the time will HARM your gear.  You read that right: HARM.  A proper room temperature could be anywhere from 72 degrees on up to 85 degress Fahrenheit.  During the day, there is no need to store your studio at 70 degrees.

In regard to your rehearsal, even if the thermostat was on 60 degrees, you would still sweat.  Amps put out a ton of heat, along with every additional living, breathing human in that room.

At Soundcheck, we have amazing ductwork to keep the noise minimal, efficient units that are environmentally conscious to our planet, and units that will blow so cold it would freak Santa Claus out.  Give us a try, and visit us on the web, at!

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